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Centrox at a Glance

Centrox Life Sciences is a truly 21st century Life Science venture formed with a defined vision to deliver affordable pharmaceutical products in utmost quality and respecting humanity. We are one of the emerging pharmaceutical companies in India, and we aim in ensuring that no patient shall be denied access to high quality & affordable medicine and support.
Centrox is committed to serving all its stakeholders. As a basis for the successful implementation of this commitment our Corporate Governance and principles are accordingly tailored to focus on our business activities on sustainable value creation and innovation and prescribe a management culture conforming to recognized standards of good corporate governance and a policy of transparent communication. The company runs on predefined process flow abiding the international standards in each and every sector of the organization.
We understand the needs of the doctors and equip them with tools and techniques. We invest in clinical evidence that helps demonstrate the value of our treatments to patients, doctors, and healthcare systems.
We are driven by a strong and dedicated team of experienced and service-oriented visionaries who forms the backbone of our company, and provide innovative solutions in an environment-friendly manner for the betterment of the society.

Our knowledge, experience and ability to supply accurately on a global scale make us the turnkey supplier of choice.

Nevertheless, to say, Dedication, Professionalism, Right Vision and Urge on Quality, lead the role which smoothened our successful run. We see our upholding values which integrate all the things to our path of this success.

Centrox Life Sciences is one of the most trusted names in the pharmaceutical industry in India, which focuses on sales & marketing of pharmaceutical formulations. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services to fulfil the requirements of our customers. Our efforts would be completely focused on providing medicine with globally accepted standards of quality. Our prime goal is to provide a better quality of life to patients with technologically upgraded formulations at a competitive price.

Centrox Life Sciences is to improve the quality of life of patients by providing innovative healthcare products of international standards at affordable prices around the world. The efficiency and speed of our research, development, manufacturing and commercial efforts is at the heart of our ability to urgently deliver therapies. Our track record of developing and commercializing new treatments have been significantly faster than the industry average and is ingrained in our culture.

Our clear purpose is to help our patients become healthier again, by enabling them to enjoy the things that makes a difference in their everyday lives.

Good Plans

Our Mission

Centrox Life Sciences prime mission is to protect consumers health and well being. We believe that each patient consumes our medicines with trust and confidence. To Develop and commercialize safe, effective and high-quality pharmaceutical products at a reasonable cost and aggressively seek new marketing opportunities and maximize the potential of current products.
We strive to maximize human capital by hiring, training and retaining the very best employees in order to serve better in domestic and international markets. Our endeavour is to utilize our team’s full potential to innovate new medications which will open a new paradigm in Pharmaceuticals industry.
By empowering our employees to live this mission, we can create a healthier vision for the future.

Our Vision

Our world is shaped by a passion for innovation, commitment to partners and concern for people in an effort to create healthier communities globally.

Centrox focus on technological advancements, industry expertise, and intense research to discover new medicines and successful market of the products at the most affordable price and to make a difference in the lives of people globally through our innovative medicines, vaccines, and health care products.

Good Plans
Good Plans

Our Objectives

Our objective is to become a world class pharmaceutical company in India as well in the world. We commit ourselves to total customer care by delivering world-class products and services.
We believe that customer satisfaction in quality standards, delivery and after sales service, is our first and foremost responsibility.
We are committed to constantly improve the quality standards of our product and services by, up-gradation in technology; imparting training to effectively adapt to newer technologies and high standard.
We treat each other fairly, with trust and respect, in an environment that fosters involvement, open communication and teamwork.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory committee consists of health care professionals with rich experience who has passion for pharmacology, pharmaceutical marketing, business development and finance management. They are thought leaders in the world of business and their deep scientific and medical expertise helps to shape Centrox life sciences. All products are launched after the approval of advisory committee and new products cannot be launched unless the committee makes a positive recommendation.The committee provides advice on scientific technical and medical issues concerning our product and they are instrumental in developing standalone scientific inputs.

Good Plans