Ensuring product safety and efficacy

Quality Policy

Our pursuit for quality is valued at every level of our business. Centrox Life Sciences Quality Management System is based on Total Quality Management System that ensures quality is fully integrated into our entire business processes. We want to ensure that every Centrox Life Sciences product meets the highest expectations for safety and effectiveness held by our customers, consumers, employees, regulatory agencies and stakeholders.
We will continue to focus on quality as we expand our business across the regions as our stakeholders and customers expect this from us; we expect this from ourselves; and our ability to produce affordable healthcare solutions for consumers across the regions.

Resources and Infrastructure

 Advanced, sophisticated machineries and instruments

 State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and laboratories

 Highly skilled corporate team to support and focus on key functions

 Well defined quality policies and procedures

 Competent, enthusiastic and dedicated staff

 Controlled computerized systems

 Continual monitoring by dedicated quality assurance and self-inspection team

The Centrox quality benchmark is achieved by strict conformity to the following:

 Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are CGMP compliant in conformity with national and international standards. They are equipped with hi-tech sophisticated machineries to achieve a high level of accuracy and precision.

 Our quality control laboratories have the latest high precision equipment that extracts quality at every stage of processing including inputs. We have a motivated pool of talent that consistently ensures that the highest quality and safety standards are incorporated into our products.

 We maintain world-class quality for our products and services across domestic and overseas markets, thereby guaranteeing that every patient has access to the best medicines in the world.

 We constantly upgrade our manufacturing facilities and adopt the technological innovations in our facilities to consistently excel and manufacture high quality medicines at affordable prices.

 Every single product that is manufactured in our factories has our assurance of world-class quality.

All our manufacturing Units are complying with all standard manufacturing practices as laid down by the World Health Organization and certified by the Food and Drug Control Administration. Our manufacturing Units are also possessing following certifications highlighting its Quality Credentials.